Acupuncture for Shoulder Pain Relief



South Jersey Sports Acupuncture delivers expert treatment for shoulder pain. Keys to our success include doing thorough assessments and creating individualized treatment plans for our clients.

Do you have shoulder pain?

South Jersey Sports Acupuncture wants to help you!

Fixing pain and optimizing the body’s ability to perform is what gets me out of bed in the morning.

Through the years, I've learned advanced acupuncture techniques that can significantly reduce inflammation, optimize muscular function, and calm irritated nerves. I've also learned that everybody's pain presentation is highly individualized, which is why we focus on developing customized treatment approaches.

At South Jersey Sports Acupuncture, we will perform a detailed assessment in order to design a personalized treatment plan specific to your symptoms and your type of injury. Our treatment goals include restoring range of motion and activating inhibited muscles to improve mobility and strength in your shoulder, upper back, and neck musculature. This approach aims to speed up your return to normal daily activities. Your treatment plan will include acupuncture and manual therapy techniques such as massage, cupping, or graston of the shoulders and surrounding muscles to restore normal motion of your shoulder, neck, and upper back. This manual therapy approach is designed to facilitate healing.

Symptoms of shoulder pain

Schedule an appointment if you are experiencing pain or discomfort anywhere in the shoulders or mid-back, decreased range of motion when reaching in any direction, pinching sensations with movement, weakness, swelling, redness, stiff neck, or other related issues.

Causes of shoulder pain

Possible reasons for shoulder pain include, but are not limited to, instability in the shoulder, arthritis, tendon tear in the shoulder, tendon inflammation / degeneration in the shoulder, bursitis, tendinitis, impingement, frozen shoulder, labral tear, and shoulder dislocation, among other conditions.