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South Jersey Sports Acupuncture is pleased to offer a wide range of treatments for Pain Management, Athletic Performance Optimization, Injury Prevention, and Stress Management. Take a look at our manual therapy and acupuncture treatment offerings, and feel free to contact us to learn which of our treatments can best address your needs. We are located in Marlton, NJ and serve the surrounding communities, providing the greater South Jersey region with the necessary tools to address pain management and sports injury prevention effectively!


Pain Relief

  • Acute Pain

  • Chronic Pain

  • Headaches

  • Arthritis

  • Facial Pain

  • Neck Pain

  • Back Pain

  • and much more


Athletic Performance Optimization

  • Speed

  • Power

  • Flexibility

  • Movement

  • Stability

  • Coordination

  • Balance

  • Resilience


Injury Prevention

  • Stability

  • Muscle Activation

  • Coordination

  • Proprioception

  • Range of Motion


Stress Management

  • Stress Relief

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Insomnia

  • Fatigue