Sports Performance Optimization


Sports Performance Optimization

Sports Performance Optimization

South Jersey Sports Acupuncture provides effective treatments for sports performance optimization, whether you’re a beginner, a pro, or somewhere in between.

Why are some people more athletic than others? What is athleticism?

Athleticism requires balance, stability, coordinated movement, speed, power, and the ability to access all of this through full ranges of motion. At the core of athleticism are balance and stability. Without these two things, the others can't be fully realized.

The brain is constantly monitoring the position and movement of the body and all of its parts. It does this through receptors in the muscles and joints. This is called proprioception. Muscles that are tight, weak, or injured create and send abnormal signals to the brain. These abnormal signals will have an effect on balance and proprioception. When balance and proprioception are "off," the brain has fewer resources to devote to athletic performance. A person feels unstable and is more worried about balance and coordination than actually performing the task at hand.

How Does Acupuncture Help?

Using neurofunctional acupuncture, we assess your body and find out what’s working optimally and what isn’t. Not only will neurofunctional acupuncture release any tightness that’s holding you back, it will also normalize signals between your body and brain to bring you back into balance. By creating balance through electro-acupuncture and manual myofascial techniques, maximum performance can be regained. When the body is functioning in a balanced and coordinated way, the chances of getting injured are greatly reduced.

Sports acupuncture is an effective way to heal faster following sports injuries. It can serve in both sports injury prevention and rehabilitation. Contact South Jersey Sports Acupuncture to learn more.