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At South Jersey Sports Acupuncture, we love cupping.

Vacuum cupping therapy is performed by placing special vacuum suction cups on areas of the body for therapeutic effects. Using a handheld pump, the practitioner creates vacuum suction inside the cup that pulls the skin and fascia (connective tissue) up and away from the underlying muscles. Thus, this method creates space between the tissue layers and brings circulation to areas that tight and painful. Sometimes the therapist will slide the cups along your skin (after applying oil or lotion) for a massage-like effect. Chinese style cupping therapy chooses the cupping locations according to traditional Chinese medical diagnosis. Cupping can provide relief for low back pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, migraines, and other problem areas. When applied to a patient’s back, cupping can help move congestion out of the lungs during illness. Generally, patients find this therapy gentle yet effective.

Possible Side effects of cupping are bruising and round cupping marks left after the treatment. This is normal and will clear up with in a few days to two weeks.