Vacuum Cupping Therapy is done by placing special vacuum suction cups on areas of the body for therapeutic effects. It is used in addition to acupuncture and other modalities. Vacuum cupping uses a hand-held pump to create a vacuum inside the cup. Sometimes therapists will slide the cups on your skin for a massage-like effect. The vacuum cupping treatment works to suction the superficial layers of skin and fascial connective tissue up and away from the deeper levels. The benefits of cupping are increased circulation and range of motion in tight, constricted areas of the body.

Chinese style cupping therapy chooses the cupping locations according to the traditional Chinese Medical Diagnosis. Cupping technique can provide pain relief for low back pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, migraines, and other problem areas.

Cupping can be painful if done too aggressively. Always communicate with your therapist if a treatment is painful. Pain is not necessary for an effective treatment. Side effects of cupping are bruises and round cupping marks left after the treatment. This is normal and will clear up with in a few days to two weeks.