The Fascia Explained


Fascia… It’s where the changes happen.

Movement, Stability, Blood Flow, Fluid Dynamics, Nerve Transmission... It all happens in a connective tissue we call fascia. All of my treatments are rooted in the fascia.

Notice all of  compartments in the illustration above. Each one is separated by a translucent tissue which is the fascia. Every one of our muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves, vessels and bones is surrounded by a thin membrane of connective tissue called fascia. All of our structures are suspended in the fascia which provides space and support for them. It allows everything to slide and move in relation to each other during movement.

Whenever inflammation occurs (a muscle is impacted... contact sports, falls, or overused... lifting weights, running, over-training, etc.) the microfibers dehydrate and thicken in between adjacent layers of connective tissues, binding them together which reduces range of motion, impedes blood flow, impinges nerve fibers and reduces fluid movement.

These thickened microfibers become nature’s internal cast. Unfortunately, if not addressed, the adhesions will not go away even after the area has "healed". Adhesions tend to accumulate over time, making the body stiffer and more tense with age.

Fascia up close

All of the tissues in the body are separated and suspended in a sea of this connective tissue. Scientists now believe that this is the substance that we are made of. Bones, organs, blood, nerves, vessels, etc. are thought to be specialized tissues born from fascia. This explains the inter-connectivity of the body.

When fascia is viewed up close it appears shiny, wet, and slick. The slippery nature of fascia is what allows all the tissues in the body to slide in relation to one another. If the fascia gets dehydrated from trauma or disease, the movement and communication between structures becomes diminished. This results in feelings of stiffness or pain and burning with movement. The goal of South Jersey Sports Acupuncture is to restore the fine movement, and hydration to the facial web.

Treating the fascia

All of the therapies provided at South Jersey Sports Acupuncture work directly with the fascia. They have been developed to combat and release the stiffness and tension caused by the accumulation of fascial adhesions. Many times, immediate relief can be felt when the health is resotred  to the fascial network.