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Knee Pain

Expert treatment for knee pain is provided at South Jersey Sports Acupuncture. Thorough assessments and individualized treatment plans are the key to our success.


Do you have knee pain?

South Jersey Sports Acupuncture can help you!

Fixing pain and optimizing the body’s ability to perform is what gets me out of bed in the morning.

Over the years, I've learned advanced acupuncture techniques that can significantly reduce inflammation, optimize muscular function and calm irritated nerves. I've also learned that everybody's pain presentation is highly individualized.

At South Jersey Sports Acupuncture, we will perform a detailed assessment in order to design a personalized treatment plan specific to you and your injury. The treatment goals will include restoring range of motion and activating inhibited muscles to improve mobility and strength in your knee, leg and core musculature. This will speed up your return to normal daily activities. The treatment will include acupuncture and manual therapy techniques such as massage, cupping or graston of the knee and surrounding muscles to restore normal motion of the knee and leg and to facilitate healing.

Symptoms of knee pain

Schedule an appointment if you are experiencing pain or redness around the knee joint, knee swelling, weak knees, tender knees, stiff knees, excess fluid in knees, soft kneecaps, or excess warmth around the knees.

Causes of knee pain

Possible reasons for knee pain are patellofemoral stress syndrome, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, tendinitis, bursitis, dislocated knee, baker's cyst, chondromalacia patella, meniscus tear, gout, ACL tear, torn ligaments, etc.